When to Decide


Too often we over-complicate this by reading too deeply into guys words and actions. We get in our groups or CG and even “mention” a guy and we’re already forced to see if we can see ourselves walking down the isle with them. Let’s save ourselves some heartache by not over-reading into guys actions and being upset when they don’t meet OUR expectations that they never even communicated. (And, yes, I’m aware there are some guys who may be at fault for sending mixed/confusing signals. To that, I say, guys, be careful and consider if your actions could be perceived differently. See if your actions are indicative of underlying feelings. If they are, pursue the lady! If not, learn to cease in some of the things you do. By all means, be chivalrous-it is NOT DEAD! Just make sure that chivalry extends to all ladies and not just one friend whom you have not made your intentions clear. Leaders eliminate confusion and fellas are called to be leaders in relationships.)


Amena Brown has a great poem that starts off-
I am the stupid girl, who psychoanalyzes the phone call that never happened. Nitpicking over the characters in the “I’ll talk to you later email.” Rearranging the punctuation and syllables trying to decipher some cryptic message about whether or not there’s going to be a second date.

It’s so true!! We do this!

Great blog to read about this: http://hannaseymour.com/how-can-i-tell-if-he-likes-me/

Amena Brown-Stupid Girl


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