What is TeachStyleLiveFaith?

Do you have more than one passion? Well, I do!

Many of you have asked, “What exactly is TeachStyleLiveFaith?” TeachStyleLiveFaith is simply a desire God has placed on my heart to share with the world the things he has made me passionate about.

Each word aligns with a specific passion. Teach: From an early age, I wanted to be a teacher and I feel one of the best ways I learn or grow as a teacher is through the experiences of others. Here, I will share my teaching experiences with you. Style: I always wanted to be a cosmetologists or model and the variety of ways there are to enhance your natural beauty is AWESOME! Furthermore, there’s fashion for different occupations and occasions. I want to share the ones that frequent my life. Live: Living healthy is a discipline–a hard one at that. I have recently begun trying to eat better and workout more. Furthermore, living healthy starts with your MINDSET. As I travel this journey, I want to share with you what I have found helpful and what I have found not as helpful in this journey. Lastly, Faith: (again, the order does not dictate importance) My faith guides my life, my decisions, and where I place my hope. Yet, it isn’t always an easy walk. I have highs and lows, periods I didn’t think I could make it out of the storm, and deep doubts that you, too, may have felt or currently may be encountering, and I want to share how, with the help of the Lord, He has carried me, been gracious, disciplined and taught me how to live out this Christian life. I want you to know you are not alone. 

Granted, this blog isn’t just about one topic; it’s compiled of many. It could get a little confusing or chaotic, but isn’t life like that? Random. Comprised of different seasons that somehow intertwine into the experiences that make up our lives. 

I hope you enjoy this journey as we travel together. May we laugh, grow and be inspired together. 



P.S. Please share with others, so they can join the journey, too! 🙂 

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