Made Me, Me: My Valentine Story

IMG_2736.jpgThis year, I honestly forgot all about Valentine’s day until my friend mentioned the gift her husband got her for it. I still forgot even after she said it because as I went to pick out my clothes at night for the next day, there was not one ounce of pink or red in it LOL (luckily, I saved myself by wearing a pink jacket once I realized it).

However, this day has been a reminder for me and a testimony of God’s love a grace. Last year, I was dating someone and I could’ve wallowed in missing what I had or in not having anyone, but God is a good Father and He gives GOOD gifts, and one of His sweetest gifts are answered prayers. My joy on this day and during this season is an answer to prayer for healing. Another sweet gift on this day were gifts from my students. This teaching year has been hard, and the group of students I have this year has been challenging and stretching, but its because of them that I endure this year.


These gifts came from students I have had to have a TON of patience with, but they were sweet reminders of what the Lord is doing in me this season. If you knew this girl, when she writes, “sometime some of these I think made me, me,” you would understand the magnitude of her words. Some things are harder for her because of the way her brain works, but the way her brain works is what makes her…her.IMG_3792

So on this day, the Lord reminded me that my past relationship and my current season make me who I am. They are not an excuse and they do not define me, but they have and continue to make me into the woman God is calling me to be.

It’s the same for you! Whatever your “status” on this day is its part of what is making, you…you, and how you handle it dictates the end result. As you can tell, my student handles it well and trusts in who God has made her. Likewise, I look at what may be perceived “negatively” with hope and faith that God’s hand is in it. I hope you, too, will do the same and remember God’s love on this day in whatever way he demonstrates it to you. And just know that ultimately, His love was demonstrated for you on the cross and He’s not done. He continues to pursue and whoo you, and will return for you!



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