Old Navy Haul

This (past) weekend, Old Navy is having its big 50% Active Wear sale. It’s one of my favorite times of the year! I always spend way too much, but for the price of all the items I get…can I be wrong?

I picked up this mind over matter tank.

These Relaxed High-Neck Performance Wing Tank in grey and pink that I love so much! ($10)

Another tank: Positive vibes✌

This super cute keyhole tank ($9.97)

And these super cute mesh tights (also in pink–not shown) ($16.97).

As an Old Navyist, Old Navy is clearly one of my favorite places to shop on a budget. They allow so many coupons and discounts and they make shopping a breeze with their cards. I can return items with just the swipe of my card.

I definitely hope this helps you in your athletic shopping and motivates you to get out there and be active!

What did you purchase? Let me know and happy shopping!!

Until Heaven or Sooner,


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