How to Memorize Scripture

Jesus Wept. -John 11:35

I remember when my brother and I were younger, around teenagers, my mom tried to get us to memorize scripture (granted, this lasted for about 1 month, LOL). However, she didn’t care what it was, so my brother always shot out “Jesus wept! That’s in the Bible and it’s a scripture.” To which my mom would reply, “where’s it found?”

Is this what scripture memory is like for you? I know I’m really good at remembering the verses, but sometimes the references escape me. While there are many different ways and systems for memorizing scripture, you have to use what works for you. What I will explain are some of the ones that have worked for me during various seasons of life.

  1. The age-old flash card: The typical way is to write the scripture on one side and the reference on the other. This forces you to memorize the reference, as well. However, sometimes I have put both the scripture and reference on the same side. But another way of memorizing scripture using flashcards is to put the scripture, the reference, and APPLICATION of the scripture on the card. Now the scripture comes to life as it is meant to. For we know that the “word of God is living and active.”IMG_9922
  2. Sticky-Notes: This is exactly the same as flashcards, but the advantage is you can put these almost anywhere. My tip for sticky notes is to put them in areas that remind you of the scripture or where you need reminders in a specific area. For example, I put Titus 2:7 on my school computer as a reminder of how I should teach. I would put Psalm 127:2 on my clock to remind me to get to sleep on time. These are natural areas I look on a daily basis that deal with these scriptures.Sticky
  3. Mirror Memorization: You can write the scripture on a mirror or glass (somewhere you look every day) and practice each time you look at it (because, hopefully, you look in the mirror every day. Lol) Remember, not to be like the man in James who looks in the mirror and then forgets everything he seesMirror
  4. Red-Light Memory: This is similar to the mirror memorization, but instead of writing out the full scripture, I only write the first letter of each word in the verse so that it doesn’t cover my whole window. For me, I put it in the top left corner of my windshield. Every time I’m stopped at a red light, I look up and memorize itimg_8259.jpg
  5. Body memorization: Again, this is very similar to the Red-Light memorization, but instead of writing on a window, you write somewhere on your body. I typically write on my wrist or on a thick enough rubberband. I actually learned of this from a friend when I attended the Kanakuk Institute. This method is also a really good conversation starter, especially if you’re a teacher. People are naturally curious so some people will ask you the meaning of what’s written on your body. Then, you get the chance to share Truth with them, while at the same time reinforcing what you are trying to memorize. Sharing and teaching others is the best way to learn something newwrist 2
  6. Notecard system: I also learned this from a friend at the Kanakuk Institute. With this, you still use flashcards, but there’s a method or “system” to it. You will have to get a  coupon or file box and put dividers in it. You should have enough dividers to label: odd, even, Monday – Friday, and 1-31. Basically, after you memorize a card, it moves to a different frequency. For example, the card in the “even” slot gets memorized on every day that is even. Once it is memorized, it moves to a day of the week and a new card replaces the “even” slot. Some people like to have a slot for daily and it would work the same way. Practice memorizing the same scripture and once you have it, it moves to the next frequency.  (If that was confusing, take a look at this video for a visual.)


Apps for Memorization

My last two recommendation are apps that you can download on your phone and/or computer.

  1. Scripture Typer: This is actually my favorite app to use for scripture memory. It is exactly like the Notecard system, but instead electronic. You can import whatever verses you’d like to memorize and categorize them. Once you begin to memorize, it will automatically adjust the frequency and even send you reminders. You can also create groups in order to memorize scripture with friends and family. Lastly, this app also has a desktop version that syncs with the mobile device. I have the pro version and I think it cost $9.99, but I believe there is a free version.
  2. Fighter Verses: This app is very much like Scripture Typer, but I don’t believe it has the desktop version available. However, what I like about it over Scripture Typer is the different approaches to learning scripture which utilize the various learning styles. For quizzes, there are six different options (games) to help: quick blanks, read aloud, first letter, typing, word bank, and trivia. In addition, it has the option to use the verse as a lock screen, ability to listen and sing the scripture.

So, there you go! These are all the various ways I memorize scripture. But I don’t want you to just take away a “how” to memorize scripture. I want you to understand WHY we memorize scripture. It’s not just to see how much knowledge I have of the Bible. It’s so that we actually USE and apply the Word to our daily lives. The Word is active and living! (Hebrews 4:12) It will set you free. It will get you out of temptations. It will bring you joy. Give you direction. It. Will. Change. Your. Life! But you must know it in order to use it. Even more, it’s not just head knowledge. I believe scripture is meant to be spoken. Jesus didn’t think in His head to Satan what was written. No, He spoke what was written. Y’all, there have been times when I’m going through it and I have to speak out loud these truths in order for the thoughts to stop or in order to get out of a situation when I cannot physically leave it.

Sweet friend, get the Word into your hearts and minds.

What scripture are you memorizing? Is there another way you memorize scripture that I didn’t note? Share with me! I’d love to know.



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