How Do I Get Into the Habit of Working Out?



In today’s episode, I will talk about forming habits as it pertains to working out, or any habit in general. Currently, it’s 5 o’clock in the morning here in California and I just got done with my workout. In the mornings, I do cardio and in the evenings, I do lifting.

I’ve had people ask me what my regimen is, how I’m consistent and how I do a workout plan. For me, it takes small steps incorporated with other factors.

First off, for the summer, I did not necessarily do this (cardio in the mornings and lifting in the evening). I just moved out here to California and in order for me to get back going since school is about to start up, I had to decide two weeks ago to just start somewhere.

My goal was to do 30 minutes of cardio in the morning just to get me awake and started with the day. The first day, I didn’t wake up on time which means I also didn’t go to sleep on time. In order for me to form this habit, I started small. Although I wished I could’ve done 30 minutes that day, time wouldn’t allow me because I had to get to work. So, the first day, I did 15 minutes that day. I did 15 minutes for a couple of days of cardio in the morning. The next 3 days later, I did 20 minutes of cardio, and the next day I did 25 minutes of cardio. So, I have actually not gotten back to my 30 minutes of cardio, but the point is that I am starting. Every time I start, I get it accomplished and I know that I don’t want to feel as if I’m not having enough time to get to my cardio. Now, I know the time I need to get to sleep (which is still clearly a struggle), but I didn’t get to sleep on time, so I didn’t get to do my full 30. Now I know I need to get to sleep a little bit earlier or wake up a little bit earlier. But I also know I need to be a little better with my time because the Bible says it’s in vain that you go to sleep late and wake up early, toiling for food because the Lord gives rest to the one He loves (Psalms 127:2). I’m trying to work on that.

Another important aspect about forming healthy habits is not trying to do so many at one time. Right now, I’m just focused on a few. One is just actually getting out there and doing my cardio. Don’t worry so much about what you’re not doing well and where you have not formed a habit in. Just focus on the habit that you are trying to do at this moment. That’s what I do. I just add little increments each time to motivate me and write out my plan.

As far as working out in general. I love making a schedule. If you have a schedule, you’re more likely to follow it. The mornings are pretty simple because that’s just cardio. I can pick whatever I want to do in the morning. In order to work out in the evenings, I’m a person who works out better when I have a plan to follow, a group to workout with or somebody telling me what to do. Lol! When I plan out my schedule in the evening, the first thing I do (because I have a gym membership) is see which classes are available during the times that I have open. Most gyms have an app and I select the classes that are interesting to me and fit my time and I add them to my calendar. So then my calendar notifies me that I have a specific class coming up at a certain time.  Therefore I know what I’m doing, if this is something I can come home and then go to or if I’ll need to pack my gym bag before I leave and go to the gym straight from work.

If I’m not going to a class, I go to my friend who is a personal trainer and he tells me what to do. I typically go to him if none of the times fit my schedule or if I’m just not interested in any of the classes that are offered that day. If neither a gym class or my friend are available and I have to work out on my own, I make sure I know what I”m doing that day. If I’m doing legs, I pre-plan about 5 leg exercises that I’m going to do. I know how many sets and reps I’m going to do so that when I get to the gym, I have a plan. The whole point is you plan out what you’re going to do.  Taking this principle from Dave Ramsey, “You tell your money where it’s going to go.” And I think that’s the same thing with your time. You tell your time where it’s going to go, whether it be your job, workout, eating, chilling, etc. You tell your time where it goes because if you don’t tell your time or your money where it goes, then it’s going to go wherever it wants and it’s going to end up with you in a deficit more than likely.

These are my encouraging tips for you if you’re trying to get into a healthy habit of working out or just any habit in general. It starts with small steps. How do you form a habit? Well, you practice in small increments over time.

You practice in small increments over time.

Let me know what your habits you’re trying to form are! If I can help you in any way, please let me know. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me.









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