Miles and LaVonshe Robinson Pt. 1

New podcast episode!

Miles and LaVonshe

Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you’re working hard enough. –Miles

Can our dreams tell us who we are to marry?

Can a breakup actually be what leads you to your spouse?

What happens when you take a leap of faith?

Exactly how much prayer goes into pursuing a lady?

How do you have faith in marriage when all you see is divorce?

Should you date in high school? Can God redeem a young love?

How much does prophesy deal with relationships?

How much faith goes into a marriage?

How big of a role does community play?

Can I pursue someone already in a relationship?

If you’ve wondered any of these questions, then this episode is for you!

Miles and LaVonshe share with us how to truly trust God with the results of our actions. What it looks like to set your mind on something and the way in which God confirms different things and gives our hearts peace.

Stay tuned! And be sure to catch part 2 next week! 🙂

A “no” from people isn’t a “no” from God. –Miles (on pursuing LaVonshe)



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