Miles and LaVonshe Robinson Pt. 2 | Marriage, Friendships, and Sexual Desires


In this episode, we jump right back into it with questions regarding the single years. Our friends share what their actions and desires were when they were single. They express the lack of examples of good marriages and how that played a factor in their desire to get married.

Furthermore, what is it like to have friendships of the opposite sex? As Miles stated, the church does so much “separating” that we never learn how to be just friends. Is this different from singleness to marriage? In marriage, there must be communication. What’s the purpose behind what you’re doing? When you’re single, you’re free to live your life as it honors the Lord.

“Living my best life!”

There’s clearly no cookie-cutter formula, but both Miles and LaVonshe had fun during their single years. They made the most of them!

And what about the BAD ADVICE? Should you pray against your sexual desires? Yes, we talk about that in today’s episode.

Let’s get into it!–Marriage–Friendships—Sexual-Desires-e29l9g

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