To Tip or Not to Tip

Fact. I struggle with tipping. I can count five instances this week where I was expected or obligated to tip.Tipping However, a 20% flat rule cannot work in all situations. It’s just not the way my wallet is set up. Should I tip the nail person the same as a restaurant waitress? What about a to-go order? What if I go to a restaurant, order everything as soon as I arrive and ask nothing else of the waiter except the check when I’m done? I am a believer that I’m paying for the service provided–the actual service, not how well the person did their job or waited on me–I believe that should be a given.

I was a waitress and I never complained about tips. Rarely ever did I not get a tip at all, but I was going to do my job to the best of my ability no matter what. Whether the client or customer deserved it, whether I felt like it or not–I was going to do the best I could.

Still, every time (other than a restaurant) I’m faced with tipping, my heart tightens. I tip high, I feel I tipped too much; I tip low, I feel I should tip more. What is this? Does anyone else feel like this?

What’s your rule on tipping? Restaurants? To-Go? Nails? Hair? Less than $10? More than? Help a sista out!

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