Uniquely Made


What if you weren’t made to fit in, but to stand out to those who don’t fit in so that they might fit in?

Make sense?

Let me explain…

Today in small group a mother shared about her son not fitting in and feeling lonely. My heart felt every ounce of it. As a kid, I felt lonely, but I was ok. I just couldn’t understand why God made me so different from the people I thought were cool.

I didn’t seem to get the jokes…

I didn’t agree to the rebel ways…

I just liked books and chocolate and I was happy.

…But my heart did long for friendship. True friendship. That friendship where the other person thought your personality was just as cool as what you thought of yourself.

In Girl Wash Your Face, the author made the statement,

“If you haven’t found your tribe, maybe your people come in a different package than you thought they might.”

Many times the people who wanted to be my friends were the ones I tried to run away from because they were weird different.

Their differentness reminded me of my differentness and what I thought was unattractive to the world. However, it’s what’s different about you that makes you unique. It’s what’s different about you that will help others feel they belong.

I’ll admit, it’s not always easy, but when I began to embrace that I wasn’t made to fit in, I found my tribe.

I love how Heather Lindsay summed up her view of this:

[life] has taught me to stop aspiring to sit at tables where I have to bring my own chair, squeeze in between folks, and repeatedly convince others why I should be there. I learned to build a new table.

I hope you learned the same.


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