On Strike


Teachers in LA Unified are going on strike because their needs and demands are not being met. Although I teach in LA, I am not part of a school participating in the strike; however, I did wear red in support of those teachers. Ironically, my keys chose to go on strike and I was not able to make it to school, so technically, I guess I was part of the strike. LOL

But why does the strike matter?

I don’t know all of the details, but the main issue I see is the number of students in a classroom. 40 kids in one classroom! That’s setting not only the teachers up for failure, but also the students. There’s no way those 40 students are all gen ed (general education). There’s bound to be a mix of ELL (English Language Learners), SpEd (Special Education), Dyslexia and ADD/ADHD (504) and gifted students. How is ONE teacher supposed to meet the needs of EACH student in that situation?

They can’t.

Point blank.

The latest news I heard was that class sizes would be reduced by 2 per classroom. 38 students in a classroom…that’s almost insulting. That small of an amount is not likely to make any significant difference. Truth be told, those two students are probably the two who sleep in class anyways.

We have so many expectations as teachers.

Why are we given such high expectations, but the expectations of those who give them are so low?

Truly indeed, it’s time for a change. 


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