I’m Not Playing Your Games


I’m not playing your games!

This is what my sweet Isabel proclaimed to the seventh-grade male who wouldn’t hand her his paper as she was collected and organizing all of the class’s papers. He kept slightly placing his paper in her hand and then jerking it back. #immature However, it’s expected at his age, but what was not expected, in my opinion, was Isabel’s ability to confidently state what she would and would not tolerate.

I’m not playing your games!

You are free to continue to act the way you are, but I will not be a part of it. It was an eye-opener for me.

Isabel is 13 years old and already she is established in who she is. She knows her boundaries. How many of us twice or three times her age have not learned these things? How many of us continue to allow ourselves to be a part of somebody else’s games when we don’t have to?

The other thing I loved about Isabel is that when she made that statement, she walked off. She didn’t wait for him to say, “Oh, no, I’m just playing!” She said, “I’m not; I’m done.” But for some of us, we say, “I’m not playing your games” then choose the roll the dice one more time.

No, when we say what we’re not doing; when we draw our boundaries…we stick to them! No wavering!

Who do you need to tell, “I’m not playing your games!”?

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