Not Seen but Unseen


I hate to not be seen, but I like to be unseen.

Let me explain.

To not be seen means there’s an expectation of….well…being seen. I want acknowledgment for whatever it is I think you should have noticed. This could be because I put my heart into it, thought it mattered, or lack security in myself and need you to boost it for me.

But to be unseen is intentional.

I am doing things of importance, but no one has to know. Those things still get done but the need for recognition is not the aim nor necessary. I am perfectly content in my work unto the Lord. I’m not concerned with who notices or doesn’t because, frankly, your opinion is not of my concern.

Is the work I’m doing making a difference? Does it show love? Am I glad to do it?

If the answer is yes, then I’m okay with being unseen.



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