World Race: June Update

IMG_1925 2

Hello friends and family,

Wow! It’s already June! So much is happening during this month. First things first- this month I will celebrate MY 30TH BIRTHDAY! Shortly after, I will pack up my room and leave the state of California that I have come to love and head back South to Texas.

Man, what an adventure, but there still lies another adventure ahead. I’m four months from beginning the World Race and only two months away from Training Camp (about that on a different post). In the time remaining, I still have $12, 335. I’m sitting at 35.7% fully funded.

My next goal and deadline is for July 1st with a goal of $11,040 raised. Donations can be made at this link.

Please continue to pray that the Lord will send and impress on the heart supporters. I also ask that you pray against the spiritual attacks that I feel I am experiencing currently.

I am grateful for you and your taking the time to read this.



P.S. Here is a preview of my upcoming deadlines.

July 1 – $11, 040

August 1 – $13,760

September 1 – $16, 480

October 1 – $19,200


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