Whose Door are You Knocking On?


In my last post, I told you of how God redeemed the image of a person I didn’t have the best experience with. What follows is a letter/poem that I wrote one day while praying for my roommate.

I stand at the door and knock. If anyone would open up…

Revelation 3:20

I have a person in my life whose door I knock on continually. Not metaphorically, literally, I knock on her door hoping she will open up—to talk.

The last time I did this, that scripture in Revelation came to me.

That’s my God. He stands at the door knocking—not because He likes the sound of His hand against the wood but because he desires relationship. He says, “You may not want me, but I want you.” I want your time. Your love.

And as I stand at this door of this young lady in my life, I feel the pain (maybe on the smallest level of what the Father feels). To have love to give and be rejected. But the difference is that I’m only rejected by another person. She’s not my friend. She’s not my family member. But when we reject God, He IS SOMEBODY! He’s the Creator. He’s the Father. He is the one who created the person on the other side of the door He’s knocking on.

I waiver back and forth on whether or not I should continue knocking on this lady’s door…

When I knock, she runs.

Again, the picture of the Lord is so strong.

We don’t just say no to Him, but we RUN…away.

But His position never changes.

The location of her door is always the same.

So I knock.


Because although I know I’m not called to be “besties” with her, I believe what the Lord says is true about the unity in the body of Christ.

He calls us to be reconciled; He calls us to walk in unity; live in peace; to forgive one another; bear one another’s burdens; speak the truth in love, and even leave our offering if we have not made amends with a brother/sister in Christ.

Yes, “sometimes” that does look like the severing of ties, but it is my conviction that God’s preference is not that route.

So true to my conviction, I knock.

And maybe one day, she’ll open the door.

Are you knocking at anyone’s door?

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