Month 1: Peru

Here’s a video recap of our first month of ministry in Peru. We worked with three different ministries, each diverse in its own way. Hope you enjoy the video and get a good glimpse of what our time has looked like!

P.S. I am no professional in videography or photography, but this is my attempt at it 🙂


  • I have $2,287 left to raise. Please consider a monthly donation of $10 or one-time of $30 or $100. Click the link below to donate.
  • My knee is doing better and I will be able to hike Machu Picchu. Thank you for your prayers.
  • We will NOT be going to Bolivia! I’m super sad about this! However, the political climate in Bolivia is unsafe, as well as nearby Chile. Therefore, we will stay in Peru another month but work with a different ministry. We will partner with YWAM next month. 


  • Team unity-it’s always a struggle combining multiple ways of living to a group.
  • Bolivia-safety of our would-be hosts and the people in the country and nearby countries.
  • Health-injuries and sickness.
  • Direction- be led by the Lord in all things
  • Attitudes- it’s sad to know we won’t actually go to 11 countries this year, but help us to serve the Lord gladly regardless.

Thank you for reading and being a supporter and encouragement on this journey.

Until Heaven or Sooner,


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