Street Ministry with Zenith and Jorge


As you may know, we are in Peru another month, but I want to share with you one of the ministries we were part of during our first month in Peru.

The story begins before we ever met the two pastors we would work with. The first night we attended service at Iglesia de Macedonia, I prayed for the Lord to give me a Word and that I would be obedient to share it. He gave me the Word, “It will happen.” I then asked the Lord, “Who is this for?” He illuminated a lady sitting to my left on the other side of the church. I thought to myself, “How will I ever share this with her?! I don’t speak Spanish!” I remembered good ol’ Google translate and I typed IT WILL HAPPEN — 


The only thing left was to actually tell her this Word. I didn’t know how I would, but I asked the Lord to open the opportunity and that if none came, that He would give me the boldness to go up to her at the end of service.Let me tell you, God is good! During service, there were three rounds of prayer: the first was for the nations, the second was for you to share a Word with someone else that God had given you, and the last was a congregational prayer. Y’all, the pastor literally said, “If God has given you a Word to share with someone, now is the time we want you to go share it with that person.” DOOR. OPENED. Strapped with my phone, I went over and showed the lady my screen. Her face filled with joy and she responded with a whole lot of Spanish (that I didn’t understand), and then I went back to my seat.  At the end of service, the church prayed for us and the ministry we would do. They invited the people we were going to work with to join us…and there she was–Zenith. The lady God placed on my heart was the same lady we would work with that month. 


 During that month, I read the teaching notes from a sermon we received during Launch about Spiritual gifts. In those notes, it stated that in growing in your gift it was good to ask the receiver if they resonated with what you said and if it applied to their life. Now that we had more time with this woman, and one of my teammates actually spoke Spanish, I asked Zenith if she remembered what she told me after I shared “It will happen” and if it related to her. Sadly, she said she didn’t remember what she told me, she was just excited that God chose to send someone from all the way from America to give her a Word. I thought, “I guess it wasn’t for her.” But then she added, ” I actually think that Word is for you. I think it is for you and your team and the Race.” A little stunned, the Lord brought to mind something I specifically would like to happen and my heart rejoiced that He would whisper that to my heart.  


 As we continued to work with Zenith, I saw her heart for her community. Not just her heart, but also her husband’s. They are a dynamic team with a longing to see the church come to life. It affirmed my heart and desire to impact the kingdom with my own husband. Other than my mentor, I’ve not seen many couples doing ministry together. Sure, I know couples where both of them love the Lord, but usually it’s one-sided–the wife is always serving and pouring into people and the husband works a lot or the husband pastors and the wife takes care of the children (not that it isn’t ministry), but I’m talking about ministry together in the same room and at the same time. Ministry similar to what I witnessed with the Mcgees who took in teens like myself and taught them the Bible, took them to Kamp, and continued to pour into their lives years later when they were adults and had their own families. I’m forever grateful for their example and hope to do that one day. I’m grateful to see this exemplified in Zenith and Jorge as well. It gives me hope when I see Kingdom marriages and Kingdom families. 


 During this time, the Lord also revealed a desire for street ministry. Where this type of ministry is not what most people like, I love it. The Lord also revealed more of the gifts He has given me to see and know things only revealed by His Spirit. I remember sharing a Word the Lord had given me to a teenage girl and Jorge asked how I knew that part of her story, but I didn’t. I never met the girl. He confirmed that I only could have known that from God. 


 All in all, I hold the time with Zenith and Jorge dearly, and I’m excited to share these two people with you in our interview. (Please excuse the windiness. I now know to not record outside, but I don’t want you to miss hearing their hearts.) 


  • I have $1,617 left to raise. Please consider a monthly donation of $10 or one-time of $30 or $100. Click the link below to donate.
  • We made it safely back to Peru and get to work alongside a World Race Semesters team with YWAM.


  • Team unity-it’s always a struggle combining multiple ways of living to a group. Please pray that we would accept each other’s differences and not let them become a point of contention or disunity.
  • Health-injuries and sickness.
  • Please pray the Lord will continue to meet all our needs especially regarding provision and fiances.

Thank you for reading and being a supporter and encouragement on this journey.

Until Heaven or Sooner,


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