The Little Things


Rocks…we picked up rocks.

Yup, that’s what we did for half a day. We cleaned up a rocky road by sweeping rocks onto a shovel and putting them in a bag. But what remained was still rocks.

How mundane!

And I can’t forget about the other half of our team who planted 50 “trees” (plants) to find out the next day only 18 remained.

How does this benefit the kingdom? What good does this do in saving souls?

I have no idea.

But as I looked at all the tiny, little rocks all I could hear the Lord whisper was, “Can I trust you with the little things? The things that make no sense? When you don’t have the full picture?”

I shared a story on my Instagram and Facebook about the Lord impressing on my heart to tell a friend something that eventually came true, but at the moment I didn’t understand why. I thought it was crazy. I thought I was foolish. And, frankly, I didn’t really think it was something I needed to do.

Yet, in the obedience it encouraged her and blessed her heart. But I was truly the beneficiary of that action. I saw God’s faithfulness. I saw He was true to His word. As the song says, “Waymaker, PROMISE KEEPER!” Yes, my act of obedience spurred on someone else’s faith, but also my own faith! Now, I not only get to celebrate my friend’s engagement, but I get to celebrate my God because of who He is.

I think this is something the Lord wants me to get. Obedience. Scratch that. Obedience regardless of what it looks like to others. That’s the lesson He began teaching me when I moved to Los Angeles, and He’s still teaching me to do the same with this current season in my life. 

So, for you, what mundane thing is the Lord asking you to do? What crazy thing is He asking you to believe? 

Will you do it?


“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” –Luke 16:10


Until Heaven or Sooner,


 Prayer Requests:

  • We leave Friday for Argentina. Please pray for safe travels.
  • Teammate dynamics are still rough. Please pray for us to be able to live at peace with one another.
  • I’m still $1,287 short. Please pray that I would be fully funded. I’m going to challenge people to $2 Tuesdays and $5 Fridays. Small steps over time will make a big difference! : )


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