So You’re Thinking About the Race? (Month 1)

Hey everyone, here’s my month one update on things I would share with anyone considering going on the race. It covers what I learned with the Lord, other people, feminine concerns, and much more.

Watch and enjoy! I truly pray it helps you in your decision!

Until Heaven or Sooner,


Prayers, Praises, and Updates:

  • We made it to Argentina!
  • We will be all together this month (roughly 30 of us). Please pray for patience and peace amongst such a large group.
  • Our alumni team leaders leave, and we are to have new leaders raised up. Pray for the Spirit to guide in who they choose, as well as our hearts individually.
  • I only have roughly $1,200 left until I’m FULLY FUNDED! Please pray, ask, and share my hope to have 12 people donate $100 by signing up to donate $25 a week until the end of the year. Please remember, donations made through the link are tax-deductible! Just click the link below or above.



As always thank you so much!!

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