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If you’ve been following along on this journey with me, you know that instead of going to Bolivia, my team was, once again, in Lima, Peru. Good place. Great people. But I did not enjoy my first month there and dreaded going back (granted, some issues may have been team-related and had nothing to do with the actual place). On top of that, I was a little frustrated that my #11n11 was actually turning into #10n11 (not as cool of a hashtag).

So I prayed, “Lord, if I have to be here again, please give me some sort of consolation! Make our living quarters better. Place us close to actual civilization or places to go on off days.” And, y’all, He answered! We were right in the middle of San Miguel–in walking distance to a beach, park with outdoor gym and activities, cafe, grocery store, and mall!

I was instantly excited about the month! We also shared a few weeks with a World Race Semesters team (kids 17-22 taking a semester away from college to serve the Lord in missions). I absolutely loved my time with these ladies (and 1 guy) and formed great relationships.

I also found two avenues of workout. I met a guy who offered Crossfit classes in the park. I also met a lady who invited me to the free dance classes in the park. Through these, the Lord forged so many ministry opportunities where we were located.

So what changed?

I did.

My perspective did.

As you read in my last post, my inability to communicate and share the Gospel as I was accustomed to in America made “ministry” hard until…

Until I told my discipler and she shared that people everywhere speak English and many are wanting to learn, so find the people who speak English and form a relationship with them!

That changed everything!

Yes, love all. Share with all, but what if the English speakers of these countries are who God was calling me to minister to most? (Because He clearly wasn’t giving me the gift of speaking in tongues of this language!) But He has already given me a mother tongue and that is what I used.

With the English language, I shared the Gospel to the electronics guy, Mario, and told him joy wasn’t solely found in working to acquire more and prayed for him. I explained what Christianity is and how it is different from other religions to Martha, a woman I met in dance class who was in the class for the first time, like me, but also whose husband had just passed three days before attending. She wanted a way to feel better, but she was also at a point in her life where she wanted to go to church and I was able to connect her with one. There was also another technology guy, Mauricio, I met in the store. The next day, I desperately needed someone to help me translate and I was praying to God he would magically walk by where I was at (since it was in the same mall) and he did! My friend here is proudly/openly gay and such a sweetheart, but because of divine timing I got to share the Gospel and how much God wants to have a relationship with him, because guys, the day before when I first met him, I didn’t get to share and was so sad! I asked for another opportunity before we left the country and my sweet Jesus gave me one!

Or what about my friend Marcell, who I met through Crossfit who is a Christian going through divorce, but felt his church was not trying to help or listen to him? I got to share Truth with him regarding his situation, listen to him, and connect him with our hosts who love the Lord and have a Christ-centered marriage. They are able to listen to him and plug him into a church that will point him back to Christ. Furthermore, it’s beneficial to both of them because our hosts wanted to get back into working out. Okay, Jesus!

This then reminded me of Ken, the guy I met at a hostel in Cusco, who allowed me to share the Gospel with him although he believed Jesus was a mythical character he read about in his electronic comic books. As Jenny and I conversed with him, we realized he loved books and learning, so I told him he could download 66 books for FREE on his phone! You know where I’m going. He was so excited, so we downloaded the Bible App on his phone in Japanese! Now we know the Word of God is active and living, so I believe as he reads, it will change his life and he will be the one to share Christ with his family and entire country!

There’s many more I can’t take up space to tell, but that’s just the beginning. Who knows what will happen from these short encounters?

I think the lesson is that too often we focus on what we can’t do or how we can’t be used. But what is it you can do? How can that be used for God’s glory?

Until Heaven or Sooner,


Prayers and Updates:

  • I’m $1,099 away from being FULLY FUNDED! I’m seeking 10 people to donate $100 either one time or divided monthly/weekly. It would truly be a great Christmas gift. Donate here.
  • Please pray for my team. We’ve been prohibited from ministry until we can get some things sorted out. I feel this plays into the enemy’s schemes and definitely frustrates me.
  • Please pray for me both here and concerning situations back at home. Pray that the Lord continually speaks to me, I grow more into the woman He has called me to be and for the purpose He has next.

I’m so grateful for you and your prayers. Share your comments and reach out anytime!

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