See People


As we approach this Holiday season, I want to remind you to see people. Really see people. That’s part of what this blog is about. I am a couple weeks behind when it comes to updates simply because there is so much the Lord is doing and giving us the opportunity for that happens before I get the time and space to write.

Last month’s ministry in Peru was with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) known as JuCum in Peru. Our schedule was PACKED! The first week we worked in a neighborhood and the activity we did is explained in this post. The next week we worked with people with disabilities. This ministry was actually a joy of mine because I was able to SIGN! The sign is a little different, but most of them are accustomed to ASL (American Sign Language) and I was able to teach it to some of the Peruvians as well.


However, the challenge was that these people were not only deaf but also blind! I already know what you’re thinking…how do you communicate with someone who is deaf AND blind? Well, I was taught how to during my time here. It consists of signing the words and letters into the palm of their hands. This was quite challenging for me, but Julia was a pro at it!


Julia was our host for that ministry, Kingdom Table. Our first day, she shared the story of the paralytic man in order to demonstrate God’s love for the handicapped and disabled and our role in bringing them to salvation. My teammate posted the video here and I truly hope you watch it. It’s based off off Mark 2:1-17. Essentially, the paralytic man was healed not because of his own faith, but because of the faith of his friends. That’s what Jesus noticed and what moved Him to heal the paralytic man. We are to befriend the disabled and handicapped (and all those not like us in general) in order that we may be the friends that help them get to Jesus.


But that was only the beginning of what I learned during our time with this ministry. I was truly moved by Julia’s heart and how and why she started this ministry. She truly has a heart to see people as God sees them. Above all else, with the work she does, she trusts God. In the video below, you will hear more of her story, but I want you to understand it’s not just those we can physically see that need healing. Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” We all need Jesus to heal us in one way or another and I believe what Julia said regarding healing contains great words to take to heart no matter what your situation.

“God, in His perfect will and in His perfect time and each day, whether the blessing comes or doesn’t, we will say, ‘Thank you, Lord’ because today you’re going to give me what I need.”

Do you believe that?

Until Heaven or Sooner,


Prayer, Praises & Updates

  • The twins pictured are losing their eyesight and need surgery, but doctors have said much of the damage is beyond repair. Pray for miraculous healing in their sight.
  • Continue to pray for my team.
  • Praise–We are back in ministry!!
  • Pray for me to continually walk confidently in who God has made me even if that’s radically different than others.
  • I am $874 away from being fully funded! Please pray that all this would come in by Christmas!! If you would like to donate, please click here for tax-deductible site, here  Cash App, here for Venmo, or here for Paypal. I only need 8 more people to adopt one of the $100 boxes below. Remember you can do two donations of $50 or four donations of $25!



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