I’m Not Alone

We have officially left Argentina and are currently en route to Lomé, Togo. Argentina was an “all squad” month meaning all the teams/everyone on our particular squad were in the same location. My introverted self DREADED this month. Yet, I was appreciative to spend time with others and share our struggles as well as joys.


Argentina is a culture that starts late and stays up late. Ministry days weren’t necessarily long, but laaaate; however, our ministry opportunities were fulfilling. With the holidays, we prayed for and brought cheer to patients in the hospital, visited various churches, learned of the Messianic Jewish culture in Argentina, helped at both an adult and children soup kitchen, and helped prepare the YWAM base for their upcoming camps. On top of that, we celebrated the holidays with our hosts and they were truly like family.


Living on the YWAM base and all we did there reminded me much of KAA (Kids Across America)- the heat, lack of communication, and cabins. It was a nice time temporarily “off the radar” that allowed me to indulge in many audiobooks and digital books. One particular book that spoke to me was I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness by Austin Channing. It highly impacted me because she described almost identical experiences that I was having on The Race, even though her book was published prior to that which I experienced them. As much as we seek to be a culture of diversity, we fair to embrace what it means to accept all people, especially in our Christian spheres.

As much as we seek to be a culture of diversity, we fair to embrace what it means to accept all people, especially in our Christian spheres.

This book brought me to tears and I encourage you to read it if you can. There’s so much the Lord is opening my eyes to when it comes to tolerance, evangelicals, the church, and how they choose to deal with the racial and ethnic disparities within them, but I’ll save that for another post.

Until Heaven or Sooner,


Prayers & Praises

  • Our teammate Paul, was sent into emergency surgery for removal of his appendix. Praise to finally have an answer and prayers for his healing.
  • Pray against any spiritual attacks during our time in Togo.
  • Pray that God maximizes the gifts He’s given us for His glory.
  • Pray for safety to and during our time in Africa.
  • Pray for health (especially concerning Mosquitoes).
  • Pray that God would continually grow me into the woman He has called me to be not entangled by the beliefs, perceptions, or actions of others that could try to take away my identity in Christ.
  • Pray that we would constantly be aware of the enemy’s schemes.

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