Month 3 on The World Race – Useful Tips

Hey guys! I’m back with another video on the things I think are useful to know if you’re considering going on The World Race. Watch the video or read the bulleted list below!

  • You only need medicine for sicknesses specific to you – you can ditch the first aid kit.
  • You may not always have adequate water. Raise extra support for water and any other miscellaneous items.
  • Ship items back with people going back to the USA instead of shipping (and keep a list).
  • When in remote areas, the storyteller sim card will not work for uploading videos/photos.
  • Use Hoopla and Libby for books and audiobooks.
  • Cell phone for everything. Photos, books, notes, bible   
  • If there’s not an outlet next to you when you sleep, charge your power bank during the day and use it at night then repeat the cycle.
  • One way to ensure clothes won’t fall off the clothesline is to use binder clips and tie clothes, such as bras and underwear trough loop holes.
  • A ton of underwear not necessary.
  • Ask your treasurer to reimburse on travel days and use your personal card instead.
  • Cracker and PB&J are a filling and cheap meal for travel days.
  • Download languages of counties you’ll encounter on travel day even if they’re not the languages of the countries on your route.

Until Heaven or Sooner,


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