The Shepherd


I see this shepherd.

I see his sheep. They travel in packs. They go to and fro.

The shepherd gives them freedom. He knows they are His.

He sits on a stump peacefully, yet always aware of their whereabouts.

Sometimes I don’t see the sheep, but I know He has his eyes on them.

At this time they are hidden from me. But when they come back into view, He’s not far from them.

He stands to tell them which direction to go for food.

When they stray from the path of direction, he comes behind and tells them which way to go.

As he walks, he carries his rod. With this he directs them, but he also uses this to ward off those coming their direction.

In his presence, there is truly peace.

I have yet to see one stray away…sure sometimes, one lags behind.

But should one lag for long,  I have confidence knowing they wouldn’t get too far.

The Shepherd is right there waiting.

Almost as if an invisible vine was connected to Him.

He knows their every move.


Every day when I run, I see this shepherd and his sheep ( or goats, I’m not quite sure). There’s something so Biblical in my sighting. Almost three days after arriving in Africa, it’s been non-stop spiritual warfare. It’s been a battle with people, with sickness, with self. The weight has been heavy, but in this moment the Lord spoke those words above to me. He is my Shepherd. Just as in Psalm 23. He leads me and He guides me. His rod is for my good and it comforts me.

Knowing that the Shepherd was never too far from His sheep reminded me of Acts 17: 28– “God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us.” He’s never far from me in my troubles. He’s right there. Looking, watching, waiting, fighting, and protecting.

He gives me the freedom to wander. He gives me the freedom to even fall, but His voice is always there. Just like Isaiah 30:21, “whether I turn to the left or right, I will hear a voice behind saying, ‘this is the way, walk in it’.” In order for the voice to come from behind, He’s had to let me go ahead. This is why I can say He goes before and behind me. He goes before to lead, but when I choose not to follow, He’s still behind to tell me, “No, my daughter, this way.” That’s because our God is omnipresent. He stands outside of time. He can simultaneously be here and there-in front and behind. My every direction is in His sight.

Jahaziel…God sees.

Jahaziel…God sees. Before I left for the race and the year prior to, I remember constantly being told God sees you. I thought it was sweet. It was cute. But for the Lord to see is a completely different matter! The Lord sees the hurt, He sees the wrong, He sees the injustice, He sees the tears, and He sees the struggles. Yet, too often we want people to see the hurt, the wrong, the injustice. Because He hasn’t moved, we think like the Israelites that His arm is too short or His ears too dull. But, no, “Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear.” He hears and He will deliver…In HIS time.

The Lord sees the hurt, He sees the wrong, He sees the injustice, He sees the tears, and He sees the struggles.

I may not see it in the physical realm, but He is moving in the spiritual. Like Daniel, from the time he prayed, the Lord heard and sent His angels for him, but it took TIME. That’s why we have to be consistent in prayer! The Lord does see, but do YOU?

Do you see Him already at work?  Do you see the power of what’s happening in the spiritual realm?

I remember the prophet Elijah asking that God would open the servant’s eyes to SEE…to see those who were fighting with them…to see into the spiritual realm.

El Roi. You are the God who sees!

Lord, not only do you see, but you saw. And in both moments, you move.

Lord, help us to not only know that you see, but allow us to see. Allow us to see how you are moving. Allow us to see the battle in the spiritual. Oh, Father, open our eyes that we might see! Your arm is not too short to save and your ears are not too dull. You will come through!

Your arm is not too short to save and your ears are not too dull. You will come through!

Until Heaven or Sooner,


Prayers & Praises

  • Please pray that I give my battles to the Lord and allow Him to fight.
  • Pray for our team and the decisions leadership is making. Pray that nothing would prevent me from continuing to share the Gospel to the nations.
  • I have bumps appearing beneath my skin in my armpits that cause pain. I will get them checked out once we get to Ghana, but pray it is nothing severe.
  • I’ve also experienced great fatigue. Overall, pray for my health.
  • Our new squad leaders were announced and in one month, we will run the race completely on our own without present supervision. Pray for wise decisions.
  • We should have team changes next month. Please pray for where God places me. Pray that the team will function well and constantly keep the Lord at the forefront.
  • Pray blessings for our host-Consty, his brother-Clements, and all the students we teach.
  • Lastly, I realized all these distractions prevent me from writing by causing fear. When in actuality, these posts are just as important. Please pray that I don’t let the distractions, troubles, and heartaches of my current situation prevent me from writing.

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