Stop Doing This: Lima, Peru


Hi, Lovelies!

We did not get to go to Bolivia during Month 2, so we remained in Peru but were involved with a different ministry. During our second month, we worked with a church called 10 Veces Mejor (10 Times More). Each day consisted of us traveling to various schools and providing talks on sexual purity and abuse. As these are topics very close to my heart and story, I enjoyed this time. In the evenings, we did outreach to the homeless and prostitutes. On one occasion,  we encountered a man lying out in the streets as if he were dead. It’s devastating the lives people are faced with living. I’m not aware of how his situation ended, but we called for help and remained with him until they came.

My favorite moment was ministering to the ladies on the streets. They’re no better or worse than us because of what they’ve chosen to do with their lives. I believe God still loves them where they are, sees them fully, and is waiting for them to come to Him. Street ministry really encouraged me to want to do more evangelism in the States.

However, I found we operate a lot in fear. Even while we were doing ministry in Lima, I noticed this. We would roam together in large crowds. Y’all that’s freaking intimidating to the people you are witnessing to. I’m reminded of all the times Jesus spoke to specific people. Some of our favorite passages in the Bible are those occasions when it was just Jesus and another person. Safety is important, but fear shouldn’t distract us from boldly going out and encountering others. For anyone in ministry reading this, that’s my encouragement to you. Train up your people, but send them out like the Bible did: two by two. The two people walking together in agreement, united with the Lord is a three-strand cord not easily broken.

I really enjoyed my time in ministry, and our hosts were some of the sweetest! I hope this video helps give you a further glance into our time and all the things you helped to accomplish.

**At the time of this post, Juan Carlos is no longer with us, but I want to acknowledge his heart for his people who were still living a lifestyle that the Lord had brought him out of**

Until Heaven or Sooner,


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