Stop Doing This: Lima, Peru


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We did not get to go to Bolivia during Month 2, so we remained in Peru but were involved with a different ministry. During our second month, we worked with a church called 10 Veces Mejor (10 Times More). Each day consisted of us traveling to various schools and providing talks on sexual purity and abuse. As these are topics very close to my heart and story, I enjoyed this time. In the evenings, we did outreach to the homeless and prostitutes. On one occasion,  we encountered a man lying out in the streets as if he were dead. It’s devastating the lives people are faced with living. I’m not aware of how his situation ended, but we called for help and remained with him until they came. Continue reading “Stop Doing This: Lima, Peru”

I’m Happy for You (Sort of…Not Really)

This is my review of I’m Happy for You {SORT OF…Not Really} by Kay Wills Wyma. Much of this book covered topics I’ve already recognized in my life and don’t struggle with. The best parts were at the end. Therefore, I’ll just share the quotes I extremely liked here for future reference. Comparison makes life about me, how I measure up or fall short. And … Continue reading I’m Happy for You (Sort of…Not Really)

How Do you Judge Modesty?

There is a difference between beauty and sensuality.⁣

I once read a woman say, “No one has the right sexualize my body in this image; it’s not intended to be sexual.” And I felt every bit of what she wrote, even though I personally disagreed with the picture.⁣

“No one has the right sexualize my body in this image; it’s not intended to be sexual.” ⁣

She wasn’t a Christian, so a little different, but when did we start to make beauty sexual? Christian culture makes pretty girls feel guilty for the body GOD GAVE them. ⁣

When I read 1 Peter 3, this is speaking directly to wives. Let’s remember, the highest goal of a Christian woman is not marriage, but CHRIST. When I read 1 Timothy 2, the outward adornment seems to be value coming from what was associated with wealth.

Continue reading “How Do you Judge Modesty?”

Just Name It and Claim It

I know the heart behind “name and it claim it.” I believe it’s honorable. I want to be counted in the Hall of Faith alongside Abraham “who believed and it was attributed as righteousness.” But, y’all, the direct words of God spoke the impossible to him and made it happen. I believe that’s happening today because God has chosen and spoken to specific individuals that what He has said will ultimately fulfill His purpose for them and give Him glory in this world. However, just because it’s what I want doesn’t mean I’ll get it. My not getting may actually be what he uses to fulfill His plan for me and get the most glory from. Continue reading Just Name It and Claim It

It’s Never Easy: When Doing Right Feels Like Losing Everything

But here’s the thing–God didn’t promise an easy life. Nothing about what He asks is EASY. Yes, (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again), His ways are simple, but they are in no. way. easy. They take all the power of the Holy Spirit to carry out. It’s the complete opposite of this world and many “Christians” would even advise you not to walk in it because they spend too much time conforming to this world instead of being transformed by the Word. Continue reading It’s Never Easy: When Doing Right Feels Like Losing Everything