The Beauty of Advent

The beauty of advent is that He came. The One who was promised came to us as He said He would. The wait was worth it. As we celebrate the season of Advent, as we celebrate His coming and arrival, may we be reminded of our own waiting in dating. Continue reading The Beauty of Advent

How Do you Judge Modesty?

There is a difference between beauty and sensuality.⁣

I once read a woman say, “No one has the right sexualize my body in this image; it’s not intended to be sexual.” And I felt every bit of what she wrote, even though I personally disagreed with the picture.⁣

“No one has the right sexualize my body in this image; it’s not intended to be sexual.” ⁣

She wasn’t a Christian, so a little different, but when did we start to make beauty sexual? Christian culture makes pretty girls feel guilty for the body GOD GAVE them. ⁣

When I read 1 Peter 3, this is speaking directly to wives. Let’s remember, the highest goal of a Christian woman is not marriage, but CHRIST. When I read 1 Timothy 2, the outward adornment seems to be value coming from what was associated with wealth.

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Just Name It and Claim It

I know the heart behind “name and it claim it.” I believe it’s honorable. I want to be counted in the Hall of Faith alongside Abraham “who believed and it was attributed as righteousness.” But, y’all, the direct words of God spoke the impossible to him and made it happen. I believe that’s happening today because God has chosen and spoken to specific individuals that what He has said will ultimately fulfill His purpose for them and give Him glory in this world. However, just because it’s what I want doesn’t mean I’ll get it. My not getting may actually be what he uses to fulfill His plan for me and get the most glory from. Continue reading Just Name It and Claim It

July World Race Update

July World Race Update

It’s been a minute! So much happened during the month of June with my birthday, medical circumstances, a wedding, and moving. One of the biggest testimonies to the Lord is that all of my insurance and flexible spending went away at the end of June but He took care of me.

Currently, I’m at $8,886. My goal for August 1st is $10,000 so I’m only $1,114 from hitting that goal!! I’d love your help in helping me reach it.

There are multiple ways to support:
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3. Venmo – theadrimichelle Continue reading July World Race Update

World Race: June Update

Hello friends and family, Wow! It’s already June! So much is happening during this month. First things first- this month I will celebrate MY 30TH BIRTHDAY! Shortly after, I will pack up my room and leave the state of California that I have come to love and head back South to Texas. Man, what an adventure, but there still lies another adventure ahead. I’m four … Continue reading World Race: June Update