I’m Not Playing Your Games

I’m not playing your games! This is what my sweet Isabel proclaimed to the seventh-grade male who wouldn’t hand her his paper as she was collected and organizing all of the class’s papers. He kept slightly placing his paper in her hand and then jerking it back. #immature However, it’s expected at his age, but what was not expected, in my opinion, was Isabel’s ability … Continue reading I’m Not Playing Your Games

God’s Plan

I thought it was called “Sunny Southern California” since the weather was always…..well, sunny. THEN WHY AM I OUT HERE WEARING UGGS?! Honestly, I can’t complain, I’m grateful to have a job and be able to wear this cute outfit considering everything going on with the public schools around me. God’s hand is surely in everything. Before moving to California, I’ve always worked at a … Continue reading God’s Plan