When the Church Fails You: Togo, Africa

Although being sent home devastated me, I see God’s plan in it. The timing was perfect for where I am now. The issues I experienced on the Race are the topics our world is now speaking up about. I have a story to tell about the church’s failure in this area and I will. Ultimately, what needs to be known is that we cannot love the people of Africa and treat them with the utmost respect, but fail to do the same with the people who look just like them in America.  

When You Fail to Recognize the Issue: Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina was hard! We were “suspended” from ministry and this was when a lot of things began to go downhill for me regarding my team. It was also when I more vividly began to see the issues within the World Race organization as a whole. It was such a blessing to come across a now popular book. Click to read more!

A Journey Cut Short

Grief is not just about the loss of a loved one; it’s simply about loss. It’s the loss of a person, relationship, hope, want, plan desire, or whatever else we’ve conjured up in our heads that we thought should have happened. It’s anytime we say “It wasn’t supposed to go this way.”

I’m Not Alone

We have officially left Argentina and are currently en route to Lomé, Togo. Argentina was an “all squad” month meaning all the teams/everyone on our particular squad were in the same location. My introverted self DREADED this month. Yet, I was appreciative to spend time with others and share our struggles as well as joys.

Never Lost

I understand what the wise say when they declare the older you get the less you speak. The older you get, the more you realize how little words are actually necessary for much of life. My prayer is that I live in a constant state of trusting the Lord in all affliction.

See People

As we approach this Holiday season, I want to remind you to see people. Really see people. That’s part of what this blog is about. I am a couple weeks behind when it comes to updates simply because there is so much the Lord is doing and giving us the opportunity for that happens before I get the time and space to write.