Month 3 on The World Race – Useful Tips

Hey guys! I’m back with another video on the things I think are useful to know if you’re considering going on The World Race. Watch the video or read the bulleted list below! You only need medicine for sicknesses specific to you – you can ditch the first aid kit. You may not always have adequate water. Raise extra support for water and any other … Continue reading Month 3 on The World Race – Useful Tips

What’s in My Pack?

One of the hardest things for me before and during the race has been packing my bags. I know there are various videos out there, but what’s one more from a different perspective? Here’s what’s in my after my first month on the Race. 

The Lord has a funny way about doing things, so this video may help you have peace about what you do decide to bring or not.  Continue reading What’s in My Pack?

An Open Apology

It’s funny how you don’t realize some things until you’re actually in it. I’m the first to believe you don’t force your culture on someone else. I am in South America and they speak Spanish. I need to speak Spanish, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get EXCITED when I begin my broken Spanish and someone asks, “You speak English? I do, too. You can speak English.” **sigh of relief** Continue reading An Open Apology